The Community Access National Network (CANN) is proud to present its virtual Community Roundtable on Covid-19's Impact on Public Health - 2023, bringing together stakeholders serving or living at the intersections of Covid-19 and its impact on HIV, viral hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and substance use disorder. In the United States, Covid-19 has affected all aspects of life and health care delivery, disproportionately among many marginalized communities. Over the last three years, expertise from other infectious diseases were mobilized to stage a rapid and sustained responses to the novel coronavirus, but diverting precious resources from already under-invested programs. The virtual Community Roundtable will feature the Kaiser Family Foundation's Lindsey Dawson, as well as CANN board member Cindy Snyder, who recently retired from ViiV Healthcare, and Donna Sabatino, Director State Policy & Advocacy at The AIDS Institute. Panelists will discuss the impacts of the various aspects of public health, and how the pandemic has exacerbated pre-existing disparities among affected communities. This Community Roundtable will be the final update in this annual series.

The Community Roundtable will be moderated by Jen Laws, President & CEO of the Community Access National Network. In bringing together these subject matter experts, attendees will gain valuable insight into what's happened in public health over the last year, mapped out by relevant data, and what advocates, patients, and industry partners should be looking at in federal policy.


  • Identify the latest data, information, and trends on HIV, viral hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and substance use disorder;
  • Describe current access to care and treatment within certain public assistance programs, such as ADAP and Medicaid;
  • Initiate dialogue and strategy to attain more funding for public health programs;
  • Summarize the state of federal public policy; and,
  • Foster greater collaboration among public health professionals working to address these important public health issues.

This event is sponsored by the ADAP Advocacy Association, Gilead Sciences, Merck, and ViiV Healthcare. For more information, please email

Community Roundtable on Covid-19's Impact on Public Health - 2023

  • Wednesday June 07 2023, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Virtual Session
    United States